Effective, smart school & College transportation

The benefits of the Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) are uniquely suited to the challenges of school & collage transportation. The maneuverability of the Segway PT allows riders to travel on the more direct pedestrian routes, but up to three times faster. Individuals riding a Segway PT save time, money and frustration in other ways, too. For instance, there's no need to find additional, costly parking, as you would in a car, or change clothes and cool off, as you might on a bike. The Segway PT takes drivers out of their cars, which reduces traffic and parking congestion. The quiet operation and zero emissions of the Segway PT also help to reduce noise and air pollution.

School & Collage Applications include:
School & Collage police and public safety patrol and supervision
Facilities and departmental building maintenance and supervision
Delivery services on School & Collage grounds
Public relations and School & Collage publicity

Case Studies:
You can learn more about the Segway PT's impact on School & Collage life by reading some of our case studies from leading colleges, universities and technical institutes.

Student, Faculty and Employee Purchase Program
Segway welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with academic institutions to bring the benefits of the Segway PT to their Schools & Collages

Potential School & Collage collaboration models include:

School & Collage distribution Offer Segway PTs through potential outlets such as bookstores and student co-ops

Sponsored- or University-funded fleet availability

Rent to qualified students, faculty, and employees

Shared transportation resource that universities and colleges can offer to car pooling students.

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