The Segway PT on patrol

The Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) is an ideal policing partner, whether you’re patrolling city streets, airport concourses or parks and trails. Raised an additional eight inches off the ground, it places an officer a clear head above the crowd. That means that officers will be seen when they need their presence felt. Segway PT riders have superior sight lines for traffic management, crowd control, and community policing. (Read how the Segway PT also works well for security applications.)

Become more approachable
The Segway PT is the ultimate icebreaker. Its presence facilitates conversation and encourages effective community policing. Officers are more approachable on a Segway PT than when they are in sitting in a cruiser or riding a bike. "I have been in and around law enforcement since 1975. Bar none [Segway PT's] are the greatest community policing tool I've ever seen." - NIJ Study -TECHbeat winter 2006

Faster Response Times
The Segway PT can move an officer, smoothly and quietly, at 2-3 times walking speed. It can easily double the amount of area a walking officer can cover, and can transition immediately from walking speed (3 mph) to sprinting speed (12.5 mph) when an officer needs to get somewhere fast without causing alarm.

Police Case Studies
The Segway PT is being adopted around the world to enhance police operations. Oftentimes the best way to understand how a product or technology can help your department is to read about others' experiences:


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