The Segway i2 Commuter: Partner around town

The Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) i2 Commuter is a fun and practical way to navigate your daily life, whether going to and from work or running errands around the neighborhood. Based upon the versatile Segway i2, it features the new LeanSteer technology, the wireless InfoKey controller, long-lasting Saphion® lithium-ion batteries and includes the following components:

Handlebar Bumper protects your Segway PT

Segway Lock Kit allows you to lock your Segway PT to a fixed object

Comfort Mats alleviate fatigue and provide a smoother ride for longer journeys

Segway Reflectivity enhances your visibility in the dark or in high-traffic locations

Handlebar Bag offers a convenient place to stow your gear

LED Tail Light attaches with versatile clip and alerts traffic to your presence

Parking Stand lets you park anywhere, even with cargo

LeanSteer Frame Tool-less Height Adjust lets you easily change the height of the handlebar for different riders or giving demonstrations to your friends

Segway i2 Detailed Specifications


New 2012 i2 & x2 models available to buy online

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