Rugged and reliable solutions for government and military needs

Segway offers a range of government and military solutions, including the rugged Segway® Robotic Mobility Platform (RMP), the Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) i2 and x2 models and Concept Centaur; a four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle utilizing Segway's patented Smart Motion™ dynamic stabilization technology.

Robotic Mobility Platform (RMP)
The Segway Robotic Mobility Platform (RMP) takes the performance and engineering prowess demonstrated in the Segway Personal Transporter and makes it available in a durable package for a wide variety of robotic and unmanned applications. The Segway RMP is an extremely reliable and customizable transportation platform that is suitable for moving heavy payloads in tight spaces over varied terrain. The Segway RMP 400 is the most powerful workhorse within its breed. Powered by four lithium-ion battery packs and rolling on four ATV tires, the Segway RMP 400 is capable of carrying up to 400 lbs. while maintaining impressive tractive ability over the most challenging terrain.


Top speed/range: 18 mph (29 k/h) / 10 - 15 miles (16 - 24 km)
Dimensions/weight: 30" x 44" x 24" (76 x 112 x 61 cm) / 240 lbs (109 kg)

Additional RMP platforms are available.

Explosive ordinance disposal (EOD)
With top speeds slightly over 12 mph, Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) allow explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) team members, wearing bomb suits that weigh almost 70 pounds, to get to potentially dangerous devices in less time and with less effort than if they were walking. They are currently in use with the U.S. armed services as well as state and local EOD teams throughout the United States.

Segway PTs move and stop based on a rider’s body position; lean to go, and stand upright to stop. They can maneuver over almost all surfacand are completely waterproof. Environmentally friendly, Segway PTs are powered by lithium-ion batteries, giving a range of up to 24 miles.

The Segway i2 and x2 are designed so that none of the components will cause a sympathetic detonation. Either model can be equipped with additional cargo carrying capacity to allow EOD specialists to take along all of the extra gear that normally would be carried by hand. The Segway i2 and x2 can get EOD members, completely suited with their gear, to where they need to be quicker and with less physical effort, thereby minimizing the risk of exhaustion affecting performance. EOD members can deal with the task at hand without suffering the degrading effects of stress and physical exertion resulting from moving to the area of operation.

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