Segway - Love your commuter

The Segway Personal Transporter (PT) is proof positive that commuting doesn't have to be a trip down a stressful road. Instead, it can be a pleasant, leisurely glide along your town's sidewalks!

Economical and fun
The Segway PT is a sensible, convenient easy-to-learn alternative to driving that may be just a few miles down the road. The Segway PT is also far less expensive to own than an automobile, saving thousands of dollars on fuel, insurance, maintenance, and parking. At the equivalent of 450 miles per gallon, the Segway PT is economical and virtually maintenance-free. And recharging its Lithium-ion batteries costs about what you spend for your daily newspaper.

In addition to commuting to work, the Segway PT is fun to ride for an errand downtown or a trip to the park. The Segway PT is at home anywhere people walk—on sidewalks and crosswalks, in parks and on gravel trails, or in most other public spaces. By using a Segway PT to get to work, though, you help reduce congestion in your local town and save money at the same time.

Minimalist yet sophisticated
The Segway PT was designed from the ground up by engineers who understand that sophisticated engineering combined with elegant universal design results in an amazingly intuitive product. The Segway PT is designed to operate as a pedestrian device anywhere someone can safely walk, and doesn't require any kind of special license (check your local and state laws to be sure). Everything about the i2—from the minimal amount of space it takes up on a sidewalk to the way it moves and balances—was designed to look, act, and feel like a pedestrian. It runs quietly, and is about as wide as a person's shoulders. Just like a person, the Segway PT i2 can turn in place and balance when moving or standing still. Incidental contact with objects is no problem due to the Segway PT's lightweight frame, specially designed tires, and redundant systems that instantaneously respond to the slightest action. Rest assured that its outward simplicity is powered by sophisticated technology inside.

Reliable, durable and easy to care for
All Segway PTs have been engineered to operate under a wide range of conditions. The electronics, batteries, motors and all other critical components are environmentally sealed to protect them from harsh and changing environments. The Segway PT has been extensively tested - millions of fatigue cycles and thousands of hours of ride testing- to withstand vibration, varying temperatures, and exposure to moisture. And it requires minimal maintenance—just check the tire pressure and keep the battery charged. It’s as easy as that!

The one that's right for you
For commuters, the Segway PT i2with lithium-ion batteries is an ideal commuting partner. Designed for range up to 24 miles on a single charge, the i2 can readily navigate most urban and suburban environments with ease. In fact, Segway developed an i2 especially for commuters -- the Segway PT i2 Commuter package

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