The Segway PT for security: Cover more ground in less time

The Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) is ideal security patrol transportation. Whether you're patrolling a warehouse, industrial park, corporate or university campus, or a neighborhood or hotel resort, the Segway PT allows you to cover more area in less time than walking or driving from building to building.

Become more productive
Need to cover more area with fewer resources? The Segway PT provides security officers with the ability to travel smoothly and quietly at 2-3 times walking speed when needed. The Segway PT is highly maneuverable and can transition from outdoors to indoors without the rider ever dismounting the machine. It can also move from a slow walking speed to sprinting speed in seconds, allowing a guard to respond to a situation immediately.

Become more recognizable
The Segway PT is unmistakable. Security that is clearly noticeable is an effective deterrent, and nothing is more noticeable than a security guard riding a Segway PT. Riders stand an additional eight inches off the ground, allowing you to be better seen and giving the rider better sight lines, over cars in a parking lot or boxes in a warehouse.

Security case studies
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